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Thank You!

There have been several dedicated people that have made this website come to life. We would like to thank those people.

George L.

George helped with much of the heavy lifting. His dedication and can-do attitude have allowed this website to be what it is today. His countless hours and attention to detail were so vital in the creation of this site.

Elaine and John C.

Elaine and John have contributed all the necessary monies to make this website a reality. Without them, this site would never have existed. They have been so very generous over the last several years with their monetary support, and they will continue to support our Veteran community with their selfless dedication to our cause.

Travis D.

Travis was instrumental in the development and layout of this site. He worked very hard to help create the original concept, and with the layout of this site. He has worked with Veterans in Santa Cruz for several years and because of his vast knowledge of resources we were able to put this site together. Semper Fi!

Stevin Masuda

Stevin is our website developer and has gone above and beyond to make sure that each and every part of this site is operational. He has worked tirelessly to create what you find here, and without his tenacity and diligence we would not have this great resource. He spent many hours combing over this data and putting in the correct format for easy navigation. Great Job!

To All who have served

Finally, I would like to thank all Veterans, and their dependents in our community. This website is a true endeavor to create a resource that allows those in need --to understand the myriad of resources with ease..... At least that is the hope.

As you can imagine the complexities of these resources are massive, and are changing almost on a daily basis. We humbly serve as best we can to create and maintain this site in hopes of easing the burden of navigating these complex benefits and resources.

Respectfully, Dean K.